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“Jill Barry is a true teacher/leader in her life, her trainings, and in her practice. She has worked hard to turn her grit into grace. She is a living example of a path with heart. She is a powerhouse of knowledge and is exceptionally well trained. I learn more from Jill in a few hours than some Master Teachers I’ve spent years studying. She is a true gem to have locally, and I would highly advise you soak her in like a sponge. On a cellular level- I love her dearly.”

Jacqui Bonwell

Director, Sacred Seeds Yoga School

Other Studio classes

Open Doors Yoga Studio- Taunton

Fridays  9 AM All levels power yoga (heated)

Universal Power Yoga - Wrentham

Thursdays  8 AM All levels (warm)

Sundays 7 PM Candlelight Restorative

Universal Power Yoga - Norwood

Mondays  8-9 AM Power Yoga (warm)

Red Oak Yoga Studio-Sharon


 7:15 All levels Vinyasa (warm)

 8:30 All levels vinyasa (warm)

 9:45 Restorative


8-9 All levels Vinyasa (warm)

9:15 - 10:15 All levels Vinyasa (warm)


6-7 AM All levels Vinyasa (warm)

About Me

I received my yoga certification in 2015, and have been teaching steadily ever since. As an E-RYT 500, I completed over 1,000 additional hours of training in restorative, yin, yoga nidra, trauma informed yoga, and more. The goal of my teaching is to not only lead a class that is accessible to people just as they are, but to also honor the many additional layers of yoga that are necessary to create a well rounded practice.  I do my best to provide opportunities for people to move past the physical aspect of yoga to find a deeper level of understanding of this practice, and how it relates to them on their mat, and more importantly, when they walk out the door.

My teaching schedule is spread through 3 different studios—all very different in style, location, and vibe. What they do have in common is talented, knowledgeable, and caring staff who work hard at building welcoming communities, and instructors who give their all when sharing the practice of yoga with you. I am grateful to call each of them a home. In addition to the studio classes, I offer smaller private trainings, workshops, and both reiki and Thai bodywork for women in my private studio. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

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